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Stop your search! Ahmed's is the best. When my family of five was moving out of our home, I called Ahmed's because of the great service they gave my parents in the past. We were thrown a last minute curve ball when the tenants in our new house couldn't get out on our scheduled move day, but Sherry in the office was able to find a crew for a Sunday unload (on Labor Day weekend!) and we got into our new place without a hitch. The team showed a phenomenal work ethic and professionalism. I can't recommend them highly enough.

~Rob A.

Full disclosure here - I used to be a facilities relocation project manager and I have done hundreds of commercial moves adding up to over 1million square feet. That said, this was by far the best crew I have ever seen. The words hustle, friendly, polite, helpful, professional and collegial don't begin to describe Javier and the crew. And the estimator, Jeff, had a similar professionalism and demeanor. They went so fast that I was still packing the kitchen so Polo offered to help. He took over and I was thrilled. The pricing is excellent and I was happy to write the check. Yes, happy! I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

~Joni M.

This is the best moving company that I have ever used. They are that good. They are very efficient, professional and friendly. They made the move easier and pleasant. I highly recommend hiring Ahmed and his movers.

~Lyndasue J.

Ahmed came and gave me an accurate estimate; I needed to store my things in a POD, and wasn't sure if it would fit. He was right on. 2 of his men came and packed everything neatly, competently, and fit it all in perfectly--in 3 hours! They worked hard, and were very nice to me and to each other. I was very impressed and it was definitely worth the money!

~Penny P.

Moving is stressful - the last thing you need are movers adding to the stress - either by being difficult to work with or by not taking care of your stuff during the move. Ahemd and his crew were exceptional to work with. They were courteous and flexible in booking a move date, they showed up on time, they guys were extremely respectful and careful with our things and they had fun with it - working hard buy joking with each other - it really made the whole experience more enjoyable. They got all my stuff safely from San Francisco to San Rafael and were done on time. Ahmed was true to his word on the quote. I was recommended this company by a friend who has moved with them twice, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with a move.

~Joel M.

This was the first time Carol and I hired movers (much to the relief of our friends with pickup trucks) and I can't say enough about how impressed we are with Ahmed's Moving Express! Ahmed's crew has got to be the fastest movers in the world. They moved all our belongings from our 4 bedroom house in San Rafael to Petaluma in under 4 hours; AND they stopped for lunch. Because of their speed the cost of the move came well under the already more than competitive bid we received from Ahmed. I strongly recommend Ahmed's Moving Express!

~Steve and Carol

Ahmed's crew have moved me twice: one was a big move and the other, most recently, was very large items from Santa Rosa to San Francisco.  Both times the crew was professional and did a first rate job.  I will always use Ahmed's services.  Thanks so much for making relocating and moving furniture a very pleasant experience.

~Lix A.

These guys moved our stuff from storage to our new house in record time. They were quick, efficient, friendly, and much more affordable than "X and X", who we moved with the first time and regret it. I would highly recommend Ahmed's for your move.

~Barry B.