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What is residential moving?

  • Moving from one home to another – the one you’re selling to the one you’re buying elsewhere
  • Moving from an apartment to a house
  • Moving from one apartment to another apartment

Local moves - In California, moves that are 100 miles or less, within the state are considered local moves and are billed by the hour.

Intrastate moves - A California intrastate move is defined by any move over 100 miles from the city of origin, but still within the state. An intrastate move is billed according to the size or weight of your shipment and the total distance between origin and destination.

Interstate moves - Generally, interstate moves are those that cross state lines. As an agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving, Ahmed's Moving Express can move your belongings from a home in one state to a home in another.

No matter what your circumstances, Ahmed's Moving Express brings their specialized approach to moving you into your new lives.