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Need a Local Mover Who Knows the Bay Area?

Ahmed’s Moving Express has been part of the Bay Area community for 23 years and we are proud of our ability to help our neighbors. When you’re in the home that’s right for you, you feel a sense of belonging to the neighborhood and city. If you’ve found a home with that sense of belonging and need a partner to help you get there with care, call us today at 415-492-2122.

Whether you’re moving next door, down the street, to a neighboring city, or halfway across the state, our local movers are the experienced team you need to get your household goods to their new space. Customers in San Rafael and beyond have trusted us for 23 years, so you can breathe easy with us at your side.

Packing for a Local Move

Packing your entire household can be an overwhelming project and it’s hard to know how to get started. While we encourage our customers to begin packing weeks or months before a move, we’re also happy to help by taking the packing off your hands entirely.

All you need to do is show our expert team of movers what needs to be packed and we’ll handle the rest. We carefully wrap and box your items so they can be delivered to your new home safe and sound.

If you want to handle most of the packing yourself, we can provide boxes and packing materials. Our crew at Ahmed’s Moving Express can pack up just your larger or more fragile items if that works best for you.

We’re happy to talk through these decisions with you and give you our honest, expert advice.

Call us at 415-492-2122 to get started.